Port of Rouen Authority


Ship repairing

  • Naval Repair Centre

    The Naval Repair Centre is located at Croisset, in the Port of Rouen district. It is set along the quayside and has 4 workshops for engineering, sheet metal work, joinery and electricity served by a fitting-out wharf. The entire organisation is ISO 9001 certified for “maintenance activities on boats and dredges, handling equipment and industrial repairs”.

  • Fitting-out wharf

    The 450 metre long fitting-out wharf can accommodate vessels of up to 5 metres of draught. It is situated opposite the engineering and sheet metal workshops, a real guarantee for maximum effectiveness in interventions of an urgent nature. Ship conversion works with the set-up and adaptation of pre-fabricated systems can also be ensured in the shortest of lead-times.

  • Floating dock

    The floating dock, which is built into the ISO 9001 certification perimeter, is accessible to vessels of up to 10,000 tonnes lightweight; it is located in Rouen in the Saint-Gervais basin, in a sheltered zone. This facility is capable of ensuring scheduled operational stoppages, emergency interventions, inspections, parts replacements, ship conversions, etc…


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