Port of Rouen Authority


Introducing the port

A major player in the maritime world

Rouen, a multi-faceted port

The Port of Rouen is a seaport, river port, inland port, estuary port and so much more besides, occupying a strategic position within the French port system.

Rouen is a seaport since it harbours ocean-going vessels that can reach up to 170,000 tonnes deadweight with direct access to the sea without locks.

Rouen is also a major river port on the Seine leading down to Paris and its region and further afield.

It is also an inland port as it is some 50 miles inland as the crow flies, like other major European ports (Antwerp, Hamburg, etc.)

An estuary port too, spreading out along the entire estuary of the Seine from Rouen to Honfleur.

Port records

289,04 m
China Steel ResponsibilityCoal
45 m
Cape ShanghaiCoal
180 129 t
Royal AccordCoal
77 784 t
Royal AccordCoal
Inbound draught
11,60 m
Outbound draught
10,80 m
Iolcos LegendWheat

Ideally situated

Rouen has been ideally situated as a shipping port for the last 2,000 years.

The Port de Rouen installations allow goods to be routed by sea to within proximity of major consumer areas, thus allowing for transport cost savings both in cash and environmental terms

A favourable economic environment

The Port of Rouen’s development over the centuries has taken place in close relations with its economic environment.

It is situated right at the heart of a major agricultural region and is now Europe’s leading grain export port. Its radius of influence covers a big petrochemical industry region and petroleum-based products make for a substantial part of its traffic.

Finally, the proximity of the Paris region and the dynamism and diversity of Rouen’s economic fabric have enabled the port to handle all types of goods.

Know-how on a permanent basis

This know-how that has been acquired over the years makes Rouen one of the rare ports capable of handling practically anything from peat to paper, timber to metallurgical products, containers and heavy lifts, etc.

Cooperation between the Port of Rouen and private firms (transport brokers, handlers, shipping agents, etc.) making up the port community is exemplary in this respect and contributes to making Rouen a competitive port complex.

The great specialities of the Port of Rouen are now grain, refined petroleum products, forest and paper products, agri-food products, heavy lifts, containers for North/South destinations, etc.

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