Port of Rouen Authority


Port of Rouen terminals

Installations suited to varied forms of trade

The Port of Rouen is organised into specialised terminals thanks to the linear form of the Seine Valley and also the extensive area it covers from Honfleur on the left bank, and Port Jérôme/Radicatel on the right bank, up to Rouen.

These terminals are distributed over the following sites:

  • Honfleur : terminals for timber/small bulk/general cargo, liquid bulk and aggregates;
  • Radicatel : roro and container terminal;
  • Port-Jérôme : liquid bulk wharves;
  • Saint-Wandrille : solid bulk and general cargo terminal;
  • Le Trait : off-shore terminal;
  • Rouen port area : industrial bulk terminals, grain traffic, sugar, flour, agro-industries, paper products, steel products, containers and general cargo, cruises, etc...

This variety of terminals offers customers a choice of sites to cater for the freight concerned with the added certainty that vessels and goods will get quality treatment.

Therefore specialised trading activities have been developed mainly with industrialists, shippers and operators contribution through substantial investment in production units, wharves, warehouses, hoisting equipment, etc.

Under this heading, the marine terminals are covered by data sheets giving their main characteristics and the major commercial activities that have been developed there.


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