Port of Rouen Authority


"Grand Port Maritime"

On july the 4th a law voted on french parliament have incurred a reform of the french "Ports Autonomes" system. This reform changes the structure of the Port Authorities with new missions to achieve. At the same time the ports are renamed as "Grands Ports Maritimes". The Port of Rouen is officially a Grand Port Maritime since novembre 6th 2008.
  • Statutes
The "Grand Port Maritime" (GPM) is a public administrative institution.

There are 7 Grands Ports Maritimes in France : Rouen, Dunkirk, Le Havre, Nantes/St Nazaire, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Marseilles/Fos.

  • The management structure
The Port Authority is governed by 3 boards :

- The executive board, whose president is designated by the State, is responsible for strategic planning and the management of the Port.

- The supervisory board, with 17 members (State appointees, local authority representatives, "qualified persons" - for example Chamber of Commerce - and employees of the GPM), meets four times a year to review the executive's policy and budget proposals.

- The development board will include 40 members (port professionals, local authorities, port based companies and associations). It has a consultative role on strategy and tariffs. It will meet at least twice a year.
  • Missions
The main missions of the Port Authority are :

1° carrying out, manage and maintain maritime access to the port

2° enforcement of safety and security measures

3° development and maintenance of the port infrastructure and domain

4° management and protection of natural areas situated within the port district

5° construction and maintenance of port infrastructure, especially regarding docks, berths, platforms, land-based (rail and fluvial) access and terminals.

6° management of land-based and fluvial services

7° development and management of industrial and logistics areas linked with port activities

8° general promotion of port activity

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