Port of Rouen Authority


Port of Rouen Certifications

In order to satisfy Port customers and foster loyalty, the Port of Rouen has undertaken a quality certification approach. The Harbourmaster’s Authority and the Workshops and Dredging Department were the first two bodies to carry this through.

Harbourmaster’s Authority

The Harbourmaster’s Authority’s quality approach in accommodating vessels is intended:

- To guarantee navigation safety. In particular, this means ensuring monitoring of incidents/accidents on the river or during manoeuvres. Each instance leads to a study being conducted allowing the causes of the incident or accident to be determined and draw lessons from them.

- To satisfy the customer and respect the applicable regulations. To this purpose, a questionnaire is sent out every year to vessel consignment agents as to the quality of service provided by the Harbourmaster’s Authority in accommodating ships

Workshops and dredging

The quality approach concerns the naval repair centre and the industrial maintenance part of the department.
4 main objectives have been identified:

- Satisfying both in-house and external customers of the workshop

- Guaranteeing safety at work

- Constantly improving the department’s performances

- Ensuring effective continuation while also modernising the activity to develop outside custom and foster loyalty.

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