Port of Rouen Authority


Le Port de Rouen

With a long and rich history the Port of Rouen settled all along the Seine river between Rouen and the mouth of the Seine is one of the big french and europeans ports.

The Port of Rouen is mainly specialised in bulk traffics (especially, grain products and refined oil products), in exchanges with european countries and on the North/South trades, it's a place where high added value is created.

Indeed, the port activity is strongly linked to the industry and logistics areas based close to the port terminals, which leads to high investments and job creations.
In this part the Port Authority, its departments and the contacts you may need are described, as well as access maps and statistics results.

You will also find a short history of the port as well as photos and videos of port activity.

Last, 2 main stakes for the port are described here : environment and certifications are indeed 2 concerns at the heart of our actions.

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